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Read Christine's Story

Read Christine's Story


Over time I had gained weight and, as with many people, gaining weight as one gets older is hard to lose.  I’d never really been overweight – 8 to10lbs maybe – but now I was considered in the obese range and I certainly didn’t like it.  

Everyone knows that the more weight one carries, the increased chance of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. So I started to explore food to find a diet that solved the problem.  ‘Eat 5 a day and exercise for 150 minutes week’ so called 'health experts’ advised, but that was not the answer. Nothing I came across was sustainable.  Nothing, that was until I found educogym.

educogym is a small gym that promises you will lose 7.5 lbs of fat in 12 days. I was intrigued with what I was hearing and decided that a consultation would do no harm.  At the consultation what I was told made sense and I signed up to their 4 month programme.  A programme in which I would for the first 2 weeks eat a high fat diet and then change onto a low fat (natural) and high protein diet for the duration and, train – on resistant weights – 3 times a week for the four months.  The exercise sessions were for only 15/20 minutes a day, so I used my lunchtime break, although educogym are very flexible, offering availability from 6.00am – 8.00pm.  One thing I particularly liked with this programme was that educogym didn’t just give one a list of foods, they actually put together a menu with 2 /3 choices and the food items were easy to obtain unlike other plans where you have to go miles to find items – that is if you can actually find them. The menu itself has been scientifically researched and educogym would monitor your changes throughout by weighing and measuring you, offering whatever advice you needed/required or requested.  What I was doing was a small part of what educogym offers but this is what I wanted.

The results were to say the least incredible.  From a size 14 dress size to a size 6 – from 11st 4lbs to 7st 4lbs without feeling hungry or being unwell, just determination to follow what they asked. No special foods, no diet pills or surgery (as someone asked if I’d had).  People asked me what would happen when I started eating ‘real food’.  Well I was eating real food – food with natural sugar and natural fat – no processed food with added, well, whoever knows – and I have pretty much kept to that diet. My diet for life and yes, I still train both in the gym and at home. I actually like weight training – always did when I was younger but as with most people, ones life changes and other priorities take over.

I consider myself lucky to have been in the right place at the right time, to have taken a chance with educogym's programme and achieved what I did to give me an edge on life – no guarantees, just an edge. When I hear people saying that it’s natural to gain weight as one gets older, I interrupt their conversation whether I know them or not and tell them it doesn’t have to be that way.  Weight and fitness are such a health issue these days and I believe everyone should be given a real chance to change theirs.  It’s a shame that educogym is only in London at the moment.

Posted: 12/05/2015 at 16:15

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