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Refer a friend or colleague to educogym Canary Wharf and you will receive £50 off of personal training and £50 for them too
Once we receive your own details and those of one or more friends or colleagues, we will contact your friend(s) explaining that they have been introduced by you to educogym Canary Wharf and that they qualify not only for a consultation but also a £50 discount on signing up on one of our programmes. Once they sign up you will also receive £50 as a thank you for recommending us, in either discount vouchers or as a cashback or money off your own educogym account.
Thank you for recommending educogym.

With average results of 7.5lbs of fat loss in 12 days - that's the equivalent to 2 inches off your waist or dropping a dress or trouser size - they'll thank you for introducing them.

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