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"I had always been 'the skinny guy'.  I wanted to feel more confident, but more than anything I wanted to see real results. I have always been quite active ever since I was a kid, but I never managed to increase my muscle mass no matter how much I was eating - and there were times were I was eating A LOT!

By 25th October I had gone from 12% body fat down to 6% body fat, with a 29.5 inch waist. I completed my first Fitness Contest in front of 1000 people!

If it wasn't for the mental exercises and the 12 day seminar, I would probably still be stuck in my old thin, skinny body."


Rafal lost 9.6lbs and reduced his waist by 4 inches in just one month.


"Nutrition is a key factor to get results, but when you see the results in the end you will know it was worth it."


Mary Anne

"This program has been a completely different experience from other diet/exercise combinations I’ve tried in the past. The amazing results speak for themselves."



"After a year of little to no exercise it was time to kickstart back to getting fit, especially losing body fat which was out of control. I heard about educogym through colleagues and thought I would give it a go. Sanj and the team have been great making the process very easy, plus the workouts are easy to fit into an already packed day."


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