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educogym Canary Wharf - the science behind our system

The system at educogym Canary Wharf, is based on a scientific University research study, in which people lost on average 7.5lbs body fat and gained on average 3 lbs of muscle in just 12 days, personal training only 15 minutes per day. That’s the equivalent of a dress size in less than a fortnight.
It’s a fact that, as we age, we lose muscle mass. After the age of 30, we naturally lose around 0.5lbs of muscle per year.
Too little muscle (and too much body fat) contributes to slow metabolism, cardiovascular problems, poor organ function and unhappiness with body shape and tone.
Without addressing body composition as we age, we will get fatter, weaker and more prone to health issues due to loss of muscle mass and a slow metabolism.
Don’t make these common but counterproductive mistakes: too much slow aerobic training, hours on cardio equipment, low calorie diets, cutting out entire food groups, very low dietary fat intake, fad diets. All of these approaches will cause you to lose precious muscle tissue which will slow your metabolic rate even more.
Our Canary Wharf personal trainers have the nutrition, training, fat-loss and anti-ageing strategies you need to stay fit, strong and lean.
We’ll explain how muscle burns fat and how to build the amount of muscle which will give you the body you want.
We’ll talk you through the surprising strategies which are going to be crucial to staying fit and lean as you age.
We’ll reveal the latest ground-breaking academic studies about nutrition, body composition and fat-loss in practical terms relevant to your lifestyle.

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